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Florify Daily contains 10 billion CFUs to help balance and protect your digestive tract for better well-being and improved nutrient absorption. Buy 1, get 1 FREE!

Wintergreen has a sweet, minty fragrance that can promote feelings of awareness and clarity and is an excellent addition to massage oils to enhance the massage experience.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time</span>  PURE Melissa
Size: 5 mL Item: 9380

Melissa’s herbaceous lemony fragrance is prized for its calming and uplifting properties.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time</span> PURE Vetiver
Size: 15 mL Item: 9862

Vetiver is a perennial bunchgrass known for it’s calming and stabilising properties. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. It is also frequently used in perfumes.

A confident floral that flirts with musk. Notes of rose violet, iris, and jasmine deepened by amber, woodsy notes, and vanilla.

  • Clinically proven to help skin retain moisture
  • Formulated specifically for chronic dry skin
  • Provides immediate, soothing relief
<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited Time</span> Body Satin Body Polish
Size: 177 ml Item: 9753

Revitalising scrubbing beads and exclusive ButterSilk blend of shea, cocoa and mango butters, leaves skin with a youthful glow.

  • Powered by CraveBlocker® to help reduce hunger cravings
  • Helps support your weight loss efforts
  • Family-friendly – contains no stimulants or hormones
<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time</span> Sun Valley® Caribbean Coast Duo
Size: 2 products Item: 8948

Soft hints of tropical blooms floating on coconut breezes.

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited time</span> Body Satin™ Foot Spray
Size: 163 mL Item: 29986

Botanicals and natural oils combine with glycerine to freshen and revive feet instantly.

Soothe your skin on the go with our travel-sized Honey & Rose Collection! Ideal for packing in your carry-on (or simply trying out to see if it’s right for you) this line targets red, irritated skin to leave your complexion calm and nourished.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time </span>Sol-U-Guard Botanical Wipes
Size: 30 Wipes Item: 4056

Be ready to safely wipe away dirt and grime on hard, no-porous surfaces everywhere you go! Take along your portable packet of 30 pre-moistened biodegradable Sol-U-Guard Botanical Wipes.

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited Time </span> Sei Bella® Powder Blush
Size: 3.8 g Item: 7967

Instantly add a pop of colour, define your cheekbones, and brighten your face! Our effortlessly blendable blushes come in a silky-soft formula that’s infused with good-for-your-skin ingredients – including amino acids, green tea, and antioxidant vitamins.

Are you looking for the right tools for your festivity look? We’ve got you covered. In our handy purple Sei Bella Cosmetic Bag you find three Sei Bella brushes that help you create a beautiful and glamorous look.

Our new and improved high-pigment eyeshadow formula delivers intense, blendable, buildable colour payoff. Plus, they come in magnetic pans so you can pop them in and out.

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited Time</span> Sei Bella Eyeshadow Primer
Size: 10.49 g Item: 5968

Prep for your best eye looks ever! Not only does primer help your shadows stay all day without creasing, but it also boosts colour intensity to make your chosen shades absolutely pop.

  • Keeps hands soft and smooth
  • With three natural moisturisers
  • Formulated with 97% plant-based ingredient

Sei Bella Nail Polish - Basic Blues
Size: 15 ml Item: 7011

Sei Bella Nail colours in 5 shades perfect for adding a finishing touch to any look.

Sei Bella Nail colours in 5 shades perfect for adding a finishing touch to any look.

PURE Carrying Case
Size: 1 Case Item: 9408

This premium carrying case holds 10 bottles of PURE Essential Oils. It is the ideal way to store, transport, and protect your PURE Essential Oils.

PURE Wooden Collectors Box
Size: 1 product Item: 5742

Collect your oils in this high-quality, wood display case and present them with pride. With over 50 compartments, this case fits every oil in the PURE line, and has space for roll-bottles.

Key Ring
Size: 1 Key Ring Item: 1871

Rectangular metal key ring.

Travel Bag
Size: 1 Travel Bag Item: 3293

Travel bag in a fashionable 2-colour look.

Luggage Tag
Size: 1 Luggage Tag Item: 5187

Claim your bag with a Melaleuca luggage tag that’s all your own.

Melaleuca Backpack
Size: 1 Backpack Item: 721

15.6" laptop backpack

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