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MelaBrite Plus Oxi
Size: 20 Tabs Item: 783

MelaBrite Plus Oxi has the power to whiten, remove stains, eliminate odours, and battle dinginess – all in a small, dissolvable, toss-in tab.

MelaBrite 9x - Colour Booster
Size: 946 ml Item: 9770

With natural stain-fighting enzymes and dirt-lifting detergents inside, this chlorine bleach-free colour booster keeps clothes looking brand-new even after many washes.
NEW 9x pump sold separately.

Melaleuca Drain-Back Cap
Size: 1 Cap Item: 4848
  • Reusable drain-back cap saves plastic
  • Quickly dispenses liquid with no messes
  • For MelaPower, MelaBrite, and MelaSoft
EcoSense® Laundry Pack
Size: 7 products Item: 6013

From hamper to hanger, this pack has everything you need for fresh, clean, bright, and stain-free laundry wash after wash – all for less cost per load, and without the harsh chemicals.

Reusable 9x Laundry Pump
Size: 1 pump Item: 924

This sturdy, reusable 10 ml pump attaches to your 96 loads MelaSoft 9x, MelaBrite 9x, and MelaPower 9x, bottle for quick, precise dispensing with no drips or messes.

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