• Sustain® Sport On-the-Got Packets – Orange Splash
  • Size: 20 packets Product No. 8438
    • Four electrolytes maximise muscle performance for a better, longer work out
    • Complete rehydration with only 30 calories per 500 ml serving
    • Three refreshing flavours in a convenient, go-anywhere pack
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Sustain® Sport On-the-Got Packets – Orange Splash

What Makes It Different?
Sustain Sport is the only performance drink with four electrolytes and just 30 calories to help you rehydrate, rebound, and recover.
Why Is That Important?
Electrolytes are crucial minerals that are lost when you sweat, and water alone can’t put them back. Electrolytes perform three key functions:
Help maintain proper muscle function
Help ensure proper communication between the muscles and brain
Support energy and water absorption into the body

Only Sustain Sport packs four electrolytes into each serving to give your body what it needs most. This proprietary complex of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium rejuvenates in four ways:
Rehydrates your cells for proper bodily functions
Maximises muscle performance to let you work better longer
Helps convert carbs into energy for school, work, activities, or sports
Minimises muscle tissue breakdown to protect you from early fatigue and muscle cramps
It Works Because ...
Sustain Sport utilises a proprietary blend of fructose and ribose to deliver the energy you need with only ¼ the calories found in other sport drinks. Plus, Sustain Sport adds natural vitamins for even more energy. Sustain Sport contains:
Only 30 calories per 500 ml serving
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin B12

According to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, chugging an energy drink will allow you to compete at your best for 37 % longer than drinking water alone. Choosing Sustain Sport allows you to gain an extra edge without gaining unwanted calories.

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