• Lemon Brite Washing-up Liquid – Saver Set
  • Size: 3 products Product No. 5026
    • Saver set of 3 bottles – choose your favourite fragrance
    • Contains naturally derived detergents
    • Cuts grease and breaks down food quickly without harsh fumes or residues
Lemon Brite Washing-up Liquid – Saver Set

Cuts grease and breaks down food quickly and thoroughly. Gentle, naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients. Ultra-concentrated formula saves you money. Doing the dishes doesn’t have to be a chore. You can always use a little extra help doing the dishes. So while you get suds up to your elbows, Lemon Brite is also hard at work. Powered by biodegradable, naturally derived grease-cutting agents, Lemon Brite begins working on your dishes the moment they hit the suds.

Choose your favourite fragrance:
Lemon Brite™ "Lemon Scented" or "Apple Scented" Washing-up Liquid

Anyone who has ever stood at the sink washing a stack of dishes knows the feeling of dry, cracked hands. That’s because the ingredients that typical dish soaps use to strip grease and dirt off dishes can also strip the natural oils and moisture from your skin. Next time, let Lemon Brite Washing-up Liquid bring a natural sparkle to your dishes, and give your hands a break! Long-lasting suds help dissolve grease and grime, so your dishes sparkle.
Softens Hands While It Cleans
Other detergents contain chemicals that can dry out your hands, leaving them red and cracked. Lemon Brite contains naturally derived ingredients that work to dissolve grease quickly without irritating your skin, so your hands feel soft long after the dishes are done.
Earth-Smart Choice
Lemon Brite gives you superior dish-cleaning power and leaves dishes spotless without harsh chemicals. Its formula contains biodegradable ingredients, and even the bottle is recyclable.
Lemon Brite Washing-up Liquid is part of the EcoSense family of cleaners. Created with super-concentrated formulas and biodegradable ingredients, EcoSense cleaners are the perfect combination of safety, performance, and value. From dishes and cabinets to floors and furniture, EcoSense gives you a cleaner, fresher home – without caustic chemicals, phosphates, or bleach. It’s the kind of care your home, your family, and the environment deserve. That’s clean without compromise. That’s EcoSense.

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